About me

My background is theoretical studies for machine learning, signal processing, and control. My goal is to create intelligent robots that spontaneously help humans. Technically, I am interested in adaptivity, safety, and spontaneity (behavior emergence) of the agents. My research interests include reinforcement learning, control, and adaptive algorithms.

I am a T.I.M.E. Double Degree student working toward the M.S. degrees both in EE with KTH, Sweden (Supervised by Dr. Mikael Johansson), and with Keio University, Japan (Supervised by Dr. Masahiro Yukawa). I was a Visiting Researcher with GRITS Lab at Georgia Tech (Supervised by Dr. Magnus Egerstedt), and am currently with the RIKEN AIP Center, Japan (Worked with Dr. Masashi Sugiyama).

I’ve been lucky to have great and kind supports from many people, who have made me what I am now. Their research philosophies also inspired me a lot.

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