Besides research activities, academic projects at KTH have been quite beneficial to build my skills. This page introduces some of them.

P1. Coding Deep Learning from Scratch (DD2424 Deep Learning in Data Science)

P2. Building Robots with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (EL2222 Systems and Control in Practice, with Robin Maillot)

P3. Coding Group Factor Analysis from Scratch: Bayesian Approach (DD2434 Machine Learning, Advanced Course, with Arvid Fahlström Myrman, Axel Riese, and Peter Langenberg)

P4. Designing New Algorithm for Multi-robots SLAM: via Hierarchical SLAM (EL2320 Applied Estimation, with Shuqi Xu)

P5. Coding Several Variants of Neural Networks (DD2432 Artificial Neural Networks and Other Learning Systems, with Sylvain Potuaud and Beatrice Ionascu)

P6. Optimization Using Convex Analytic Tools (SF2822 Applied Nonlinear Optimization, with Shuqi Xu and Mikael Andblom)

P7. Orbit Design for Cubesat (SD2920 System Integration for Space Technology, Part 1)